Flowers and Plants


Keep dead-heading roses to keep them flowering.  Spray regularly to prevent black spot and feed to promote more flowers.

Top up pots and gardens with potted colour.

Petunia are looking good and survive the drier season. Plant impatiens in shady spots.

Plant lots of swan plants to give them time to establish before the monarch caterpillars hatch. We have an on-going supply at the garden hub.

We have just bought in a new product called bug mat. Once you have a good supply of caterpillars make a frame over your plants and cover with bug net. This will keep out the wasps killing the caterpillars.  Keep an eye out for hatched monarchs and let them out!

We have a lovely supply of star jasmine looking great - this can be used as a ground cover or trained over arches or on wires against a fence. You can even grow it as a low hedge.

Hydrangea are in full flower. Lots of new varieties available and colours available.

Time to plant up pots and baskets for summer weddings or place an order to guarantee a great display for your special day.

Mulching is the key for suppressing weeds and retaining water - add a good thickness onto layers of newspaper.

Don't forget your house plants! Give them a light feed and tidy up.

Top up your pots with potted colour to brighten up dull or empty parts of the garden. Or frame an area like front door or a set of steps.









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