Summer is here!!

Come and see us for some summer specials.

  • Star Jasmine – Large Plants $9.99
  • Huge plants  $9.99
  • Callistemon Little John $9.99
  • Buxus Little Gem $9.99
  • Geranium from $ 6.99

Lots of great colour to top up the garden for Christmas.  Poinsettia arriving every week.  These make a long lasting gift and brighten up any room.

Check out our mini lights great to drape around your poinsettia for extra sparkle!!


What about gardening inside?

Start sprouting for your sandwich.  A great way to getting extra vitamins when you need them most.

Kits and trays with lots of different seeds from Mediterranean to spicy micro greens.

Ready to eat in 2-3 weeks. Get the children planting and they might be more open to eat things they have grown?


We offer a range of gardening products and services to make your garden grow: