It's still a bit cold for planting out Tomatoes, Cucumber and Capsicum unless you have a really sunny spot and raised gardens or even better a cosy glasshouse. Growth is very limited until the soil warms up next month. Sow seed in trays to plant out next month. We stock a really good quality seed raising mix and a good variety of seeds. Try the seed tapes ideal for growing carrots without having to thin them out!  POTATOES: Early varieties such as Jersey Benne, Rocket and Cliff Kidney must be in the ground by mid-September to guarantee a Christmas crop - protect from late frost! Potatoes do well in grow bags and pots.

We now stock Potato Pots making it easy to grow your own potatoes! These pots are 98% recycled plastic. Potatoes are ready in 8 to 10 weeks. A great project for children too.  Before planting leave your potatoes on dry newspaper or in egg cartons to chit which is a process of shoots growing on the potato before planting. There is quite a debate as to mounding up your potatoes or growing in a deep trench, either way you need good loose free draining soil. It is worth buying potato food to maximise your crop. Don't forget snail bait too!

Check in store for our great range of ‘Super Punnet Vegetables’. The best quality and lots of new plants arriving weekly. Get the children involved in planting and caring for vegetables it may be easier to persuade them to eat them later!

Before planting add lots of compost and sheep pellets. All the rain we have had will have washed out any existing nutrients in the soil. Top dress with the relevant food as your plants grow.  Healthy, well fed plants are less susceptible to disease. Take care to protect from slugs and snails - We have new bait stations available to protect your pets and lessen soil contamination.

We now stock Vege Pods which are robust raised gardens. These can be purchased on static stands or on wheels. Ideal for the smaller garden or for gardening at a sensible height!  They make ideal herb gardens

Strawberries need to go in now and feed, feed, feed!  Six plants are enough to feed one person! 

Our new strawberry planters have arrived just in time! Again great for children to have a go.





We offer a range of gardening products and services to make your garden grow: