Herb Garden



Spring is here so now we can top up our Herb Gardens.  Coriander loves the cooler temps but bolts in Summer - make the most of it now.

Basil is back!  Fresh herbs can alter your cooking so much and are so good for you. Get into the habit of adding parsley and chives to as much as you can.  Don't limit herbs to the herb patch!  Use in your flower garden as ground cover - Thyme and Marjoram are ideal.   Parsley makes a great border.

If space is limited use pots/wine barrels or be creative with an old kettle or colander!   We have some pretty pots to plant herbs which make great gifts.  Chives are really easy to grow and can be cut in about 4 weeks from planting.  Seedlings - put in a few clumps and harvest a few from each clump for continuous supply. Leave some to flower to attract the bees which you need to pollinate your tomatoes.  Mint will take over the whole veggie garden so plant in a large pot then plant the pot!!



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