General Maintenance


LAWNS.  Time to sow seed into bare patches and sow new lawns.  We have a variety of seeds to suit your garden requirements - including a kikuyu blend.  Yes! It makes a great hardy lawn tolerating dry summers. 

FERTILISER.  Use a general fertiliser around all your plants. All the heavy rain will have washed out a lot of the nutrients in the soil and plants will be hungry after winter! 

MULCH. Mulch gardens to protect them from the heat of summer.  Be careful using freshly chipped tree matter as mulch, it will leach the nutrients out of the soil.  It's best left to mature for a couple of years before use or regularly feed your plants with either liquid or slow release fertilisers.

PEST WATCH!  Slugs and snails are out and about! Trap them in saucers of stale beer or choose from several snail bates in store.



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