Fruit and Edibles


September is the ideal time to plant frost tender trees like Citrus.  It's not too late to plant Fruit Trees. We have a good range of Plums, Apples, Peaches, Nectarine and many more.  These have come in as bare root trees - you know the roots are going to grow quickly and haven’t been restricted and crowded in a pot.  We also have a few dwarf varieties of fruit trees left which are ideal for smaller spaces or growing in pots and containers. 

Container growing is becoming popular with smaller sections and also apartment living.  Some of the smaller fruit trees are ideal and with a little knowledge you can successfully grow your own fruit.  Choose a reasonable size pot. If it's terracotta you will need to seal with Yates pot-a-seal. Strong plastic are ideal as they are lighter to move.  Use a good quality potting mix with slow release fertiliser plus water retention granules. Put some broken clay pieces or gravel at the bottom of the pot to aid drainage.  The potting mix will have enough food for about 8 weeks after this feed with a balanced fertiliser.  Don't let your pots dry out over summer.  After a few years you may need to trim the roots of your plant and freshen up the potting mix – or you could replant in the ground or into a larger pot. 

Plant Blueberries and you might get you first crop at Christmas!  Beware - blueberries don't like blood and bone or nitrogen so use Yates Gro-Plus Sulphate of Ammonia in small amounts.  As they prefer an acidic soil which can be achieved by adding Peat Moss, Bark or Yates Soil Acidified Liquid Sulphur. The bark will also aid drainage. 

For those with home orchards hang codling moth traps.  Feed established fruit trees feed them they will feed you!!  Plant a Chilean Guava or better still a hedge of Chilean Guava. They will provide endless tasty little fruit ideal for lunch boxes. Feed with tomato fertiliser to maximise your crop.

We have a great easy read magazine ‘Grow it Yourself’ with all the information required to successfully plant and look after your edibles - Only $12.95 it's a great buy.












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